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Straight Tracks was founded to provide simple, high quality engineering solutions for clients connecting to the Canadian transportation network.

Straight Tracks is focused on small to mid-sized projects that require a safe and efficient railway track design.


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Sasha Harpe, P.Eng
Principal Engineer

Sasha grew up on a farm in rural Alberta watching trains in the front yard. After completing his engineering degree he was fortunate to work with some of Canada’s best track designers as they completed their careers. Now, Sasha brings over ten years of experience, working for both Class I railways and multiple industrial and municipal rail clients, to every project.

Focused on providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions at the start and the end of the transportation chain, Sasha founded Straight Tracks to build new solutions for any railway connection.

Sasha is a long-time member of the American Railway and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA), is a committee 18 (Short line and low volume rail) and Committee 5 (Track) member.

Sasha has also volunteered with both the University of Alberta and Toronto Metropolitan University bringing railway design projects to the classroom. Sasha is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC and the Northwest territories and has previously worked on projects in Quebec, Manitoba and Nunavut.


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